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Rumour Has It - Adele (cover)

All About Noelle Diane

An actress based in New York City with an array of looks and moods. I’ve worked on amazing projects since starting out in 2010. I’m always looking for exciting new opportunities that force me to work outside of the box and use my creativity in new ways. If you’d like to learn more about my aspirations, interests, or past work, please get in touch today!

Mel Robitaille
Sloane Morrison
Mel Robitaille
Petey Condoleon
Katie Bauer
Mel Robitaille


The Waiting Room

Debra Markowitz

Janet waits for her husband to meet her in heaven, but when he shows up, he has his current wife with him.



Rachel Puchkoff

Wildcats is a 5 part digital mini series about Allison Behave, a former varsity cheerleader retelling her account of quitting the team and what she discovers along the way.


Debra Markowitz

Emily Hemming has a family and life she adores. After leaving her family behind, her husband, Paul takes her back time and time again, while counselor Bertrand tries to convince her to put their feelings first, before her own.



My Reel

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